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The 7 best outdoor living trends

The 7 best outdoor living trends

2020 was definitely the ‘year of the garden’, with the trend continuing into 2021 and showing no signs of slowing. Learn More
The essential guide to ethanol fireplaces

The essential guide to ethanol fireplaces

Want to know why they’re so popular? Here we provide an overview of ethanol fireplaces. Learn More

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Why do designers rave about sunbrella?

Sunbrella is one of the most recognized brands in outdoor furniture today. Since the 1960s, Glen Raven's Sunbrella fabric has become synonymous with outdoor performance and durability.

Improve, don't move!

Forget moving house! More homeowners are choosing to ‘stay put’ and enhance their homes instead, and the team from MAD Design Group, home of heating and furniture/accessories brands EcoSmart Fire, Heatscope Heaters and BLINDE Design, say now’s the perfect time for a revamp.

The outdoor dining pivot

The biggest trend in dining out is dining outdoors! And while a casual, relaxed ambiance and great people watching have long attracted customers to dining and drinking alfresco, the pandemic has them preferring venues with plenty of fresh air more than ever.

Home improvements surge during pandemic

Across the globe, the sound of power tools, dozers, excavators and lawnmowers are being heard more than ever. The reason? Home renovations have boomed during the pandemic.

Broken-plan living

In contrast to the open-plan living, the broken-plan trend simply involves dividing up bigger rooms to create more versatile, smaller, interconnected spaces.

The iconic modular sofas

It was a staple piece of furniture in the 1970s and now, after years of being ignored in favour of more compact, statement sofas, the iconic modular (sectional) sofa is making a comeback!

Why everyone loves concrete furniture

In recent years the concrete trend (also referred to as the cement trend) has become a major interior décor craze – not to mention investment.

The essential guide to ethanol fireplaces

Want to know why they’re so popular? Here we provide an overview of ethanol fireplaces.

10 top reasons to buy a fire table

Love a fire pit but also want one that doubles as a table? Well it’s lucky that fire pit design has evolved majorly over the years! Enter the Fire Pit Table.

All you need to know about Flex

Beyond warmth and ambiance, Flex Series creates a luxurious focal point, adds character and interest to the room, and helps define layouts and use of space.

Top 5 fireplace trends for 2022

As we look beyond the sense of restriction and isolation that has plagued the world during 2020 and 2021, we can see fireplace design trends rebel against these feelings of melancholy.

Energy-efficient heating solutions

To prevent high energy bills, it’s important we keep our homes as energy efficient as possible – and reduce our carbon footprint.

The lowdown on radiant heating

Radiant heaters (also known as electric infrared radiant heaters) are increasingly in demand as householders and hospitality/commercial operators seek an effective and energy-efficient heating solution.

The 7 best outdoor living trends

2020 was definitely the ‘year of the garden’, with the trend continuing into 2021 and showing no signs of slowing.

The essential guide to fire pits

We’re enjoying and investing in our backyards and the outdoor spaces of our homes more than ever before. We’re also embracing the outdoor fireplace trend – and fire pits are helping rekindle the spark!

Convert wood and gas fireplaces

Nearly every home of the earlier eras has a non-working fireplace but everyone aspires for them to be working again, whether for ambience or to warm up a room.

Outdoor living trends

The outdoor living trend continues to grow (accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic), with more US homeowners now more aware of their outdoor spaces.

4 ways to customize your fireplace

Design a custom firebox, flame to flame, take it off the wall, forego the firebox. Custom designs take the fireplace to the next level.

How to choose your finish

We offer a range of finishes and colors to complement your decor. Learn how to pair our finishes with your setting.

Must know about EcoSmart Fire

Ventless and smoke-free, renewable resource, cost less than propane, specialised trade support, multiple sizes. Things you need to know about EcoSmart Fire.

Ultra-easy fire design solutions

Unpack, Position in Place, and Light - It's that Simple!

Home heating tips

Heating a home makes up almost half a utility bill. According to the US Department of Energy, the average household spends up to $1500 on heating each winter.

Pivoting business for outdoor dining

Socially distanced tables and a comfortable atmosphere are at the core of planning for outdoor dining this year, but heating is essential to ensuring max capacity during cooler nights and winter months.

Award-wining radiant heaters

Electric radiant heater like no other, giving you a warm inviting ambience plus peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen an energy smart and eco-friendly option.

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